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Humane and smart responses to unavoidable layoffs and redundancies isn’t just the right thing to do it’s also just good business.

Are you ready?

Discover how you can turn redundancy into an opportunity.

Created to provide your departing talent a 20 week programme designed to support a startup pathway. Designed to be easily implemented and integrated into existing outplacement approaches or as a stand alone offering. Download our brochure to discover:

  • A Startup Outskilling solution that will revolutionalise your HR outplacement programmes.
  • How we can deliver up to 15x ROI and impact for your company.
  • The structure and benefits built into this revolutionary approach.

Outskilling and specifically Startup Outskilling can deliver sustainable competitive advantage. Adding these pathways to existing outplacement approaches ensures that you are providing more than just goodwill but actual opportunities.


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