Embedded Insurance

Report written by Simon Torrance on Embedded Insurance - a $3 Trillion market opportunity, that could also help close the protection gap
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About the report

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Embedded Insurance, part of a broader movement towards Embedded Finance, is about getting more affordable, relevant and personalised insurance to people when and where they need it most. It’s enabled by abstracting insurance functionality into technology so that many more third-party organisations and developers can seamlessly incorporate attractive risk mitigation solutions into their customer journeys.


Download our report on Embedded Insurance, organised in the following sections:


          -  Context – insurance is something that nobody wants but everyone needs
          -  Embedded Insurance – to affinity and beyond
          -  The ‘Industry Stack’ – fragmenting and transforming
          -  Market Sizing - $700 billion in P&C alone
          -  Conclusion - Options and Actions



“We overestimate the impact of technology in the short-term and underestimate the effect in the long run.”


Bill Gates, after Ray Amar


Do you want to know more about Embedded Insurance? Get access to the recording and slides from our recent Masterclass.