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If you want to transform the global economy, target its backbone: trade and transport. We're out to make supply chains more sustainable, humane, and resilient in partnership with the world's largest corporations. 

Think you can help move the needle? Join us for an opportunity to make an impact.

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About the program

Trade & Transport Impact is an innovation platform that produces commercial partnerships between startups and top transport companies.



Companies at the heart of the global supply chain are uniquely positioned to solve the biggest challenges, deploy new solutions, and seize massive market opportunities. Combining their scale with the speed of startups is our recipe for impact. Together, we will:

  • Identify 3000+ high potential tech startups globally
  • Deliver 100+ scalable pilots and ventures by 2022 to enable a CO2 neutral industry and supply chain resilience
  • Generate short and long term ROI and impact

Program Tracks

Decarbonizing Shipping

Scalable solutions to reduce CO2 footprint along the entire shipping value chain -- from AI-driven optimization to fuel / energy efficiency, zero-carbon vessels and more.  

Decarbonizing Shipping Track
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Supply Chain Resilience

Building shock-proof supply chains through enhancements in shipping and logistics infrastructure, processes, and more.


Supply Chain Resilience
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Fall 2020 Cycle Timeline


Partners vetting startups this cycle

Bunker Holding Group
MC Shipping
Pacific Carriers Limited
Rainmaking - Who are you


Who are you

You are working on an innovative solution (digital, hardware, chemical or otherwise) – and your clients love it!

You’re working on the future

Are you working on the next big thing? You might have used existing technologies, but you are definitely working on a solution that solves real problems in a new way. Perhaps through AI, big data, IoT, automation, drone applications, AR/VR, machine vision, or something else entirely?

You’re a global citizen

We invite companies from all over the world to join, and you can apply from anywhere, as long as you have the time and capacity to engage with our corporate partners across the next 5 months: up to 5 days in the selection stage, then a few hours each week in collaboration stage.

You’re ready to show and tell

You’ve already tested your solution, have developed a track record, and are ready to take it to a bigger audience. We may select a few wildcards -- highly promising companies in the late prototype stage -- but only for the most groundbreaking technology.


What we offer

The program is designed to help you grow and get real traction with our corporate partners.

Equity free

Our corporate partners seek mutually beneficial collaborations, and don’t take any equity from you to engage.

Get real traction

The program is focused on delivering tangible impact; partners have joined to help you land and scale pilots.

Industry access

You have access to corporate leaders & mentors from around the world to help you get the best from the industry.

Across borders

You can grow in the industry and worldwide. Our partners are international players and can help you enter desired markets.


Rainmaking - What we offer

Our results to date


startups scouted and vetted


startups selected for collaboration


partnership / POC opportunities generated

About the program

Selection Days Fall 2019

Cargotec, i4sea & Teqplay on their partnership

Shell & Scoutbase on their partnership

Wärtsilä & Signol on their partnership

HHLA & KoiReader on their partnership

Mentors and Advisors

Our program leverages decades worth of expertise from our corporate partners, channeling their insights and experience toward (a) advising startups and (b) tackling multi-million dollar industry problems.

Coming from diverse backgrounds, they join us as founding partners, program advisors, and startup mentors.


Ying Ying Lim


Ocean Transportation



Richard Holdsworth

Maritime Ventures Lead


Nakul Malhotra

Vice President

Open Innovation


Shanker Pillai

Head Innovation & Change

Auke BW

Auke Steenkamp


Performance Management

Pacific Carriers Limited

Christian Langer

Christian Langer

Chief Digital Officer 




Till Schlumberger

Digital Transformation Strategy


Hirotaka Ishizaka

Head of Strategic Planning 
Mitsubishi Corporation



Carlos Torres

Global Head

Physical Operations

Bunker Holding Group


Daniel C. Weiss

Shipping Strategy Manager

Shahrin Osman

Dr. Shahrin Osman

Regional Manager

Maritime Advisory and

Digital Innovation 



Michael Pomerleau




Nicklas Fursund



Why corporate partners love and stay highly engaged with the program

"The program is a first of its kind in the industry and we need a lot more of these to get shipping to it's decarbonisation goals. Open innovation works and to make it work better, we need more collaboration across the industry."                

— Shanker Pillai, Head of Innovation & Change at

"It is much more meaningful to know other partners' areas of interest and to seek for collaboration possibilities with them, rather than exploring new technologies only by ourselves, and Rainmaking did a great job to create a circumstance of open innovation."

Ken Hasegawa
— Ken Hasegawa, Head of Chartering & Innovation at MC Shipping

Frequently asked questions

  • Who can submit to the program?                                  
    We believe that you can best benefit from this program if you have a product in the market and are ready to take it to the next level. As the program was designed to help you grow, get real traction & expand, ideally your product is in a stage where it has customers. Alternatively, it can be a very late prototype that can be implemented and tested.
  • When can we submit?                                                    
    You can submit your profile to our team all year round, but we actively scout for two cycles each year -- Spring and Fall. For the Fall 2020 cycle, applications close on October 21st.
  • What happens after we apply?                                      
    Our experienced scouting team will screen all submissions continuously and invite high-potential startups for a 30-min online video call to explore collaboration potential. After this introductory call, the most promising program candidates will be invited to deeper due diligence -- which may or may not be attended by a corporate partner.
  • Are there any restrictions in terms of geography?          
    No, we value diversity and are open to solutions worldwide; our corporate partners are multinationals looking to implement pilots around the globe. That said, most of our partners are based in Europe and Asia, so meetings tend to be scheduled in favor of these timezones. Startups based in North America have faced some rough hours on calls, but they tell us it's worth it for all the exposure they get to these mega corporations!
  • What can I expect if I participate in the program?                                  
    After rigorous problem scoping and due diligence, we choose a select few startups each cycle to meet with our corporate partners at Kick-Off Days. Over the next 2-3 weeks, you have a series of Group Q&As and 1-on-1 virtual meetings to determine where there might be a strong fit, after which -- if at least one corporate partner chooses to go ahead with you -- you commence a 6 to 8 week collaboration design sprint to flesh out your potential partnership. Rainmaking supports both startups and corporate partners along the way, playing the role of moderator / facilitator / advisor / mediator as needed to get the job done and bring value to all parties. After the design sprint, we all meet again on Launch Days to discuss outcomes and the partnership plans going forward.

    Not all startups make it to the design sprint phase, but even those who don't last long after Kick-Off Days gain immense insight from the closed door meetings with our corporate partners, who are all captains of industry. Those who make it to the end of the program have a wide range of successful outcomes -- from pilots to new enterprise clients, strategic partnerships, and even joint venture opportunities.
  • How can we increase our chances of selection?          
    Be honest, attentive, and prepared. We believe in mutually valuable collaborations, which are only possible when both sides can (a) have a no-BS conversation around capabilities, goals, challenges, etc. and (b) truly listen to one another and adapt to each other's needs. Coming prepared also ensures nobody is wasting their time, which everyone appreciates!

    We recommend you reflect on:
    Why this opportunity? What do you hope to achieve? How does your solution solve corporate partner challenges? What can you do better than anyone else / why would they pick you above all the other alternatives? What are the possible risks of working with you, and the main challenges where you need support?
  • Other questions?                                                            
    Feel free to write to us at -- someone will get back to you within 2 business days.
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