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I was a Corporate Lawyer

Working crazy hours in a city law firm meant that there was never a good time to start a family. I co-founded Hertility Health to help women keep track of their fertility.

I am a Police Detective

Now I also have co-founded my tech startup business, RouteAware, to help people get from point A to B safely. I love helping people travel smart and reducing crime another way.

I was a Nurse

I decided that it was a worthwhile mission to create a device that allows nurses to help patients avoid painful and time-consuming IV complications and stop IV dislodgements called Lineus.

I was working at an Agency

Now I have my own consultancy and even having to turn down work I'm so busy. I am supporting my family and I feel satisfied in my role as a Mum and a consultant. Everyone is winning!

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I was a Professional Football Player

The best thing is when people actually buy into your ideas. I like looking back at the Yoke roadmap and seeing some of the stuff we actually executed. It makes me feel proud.

I worked in Government

The best thing about being an entrepreneur and starting structor.io is that I can explore my own ideas and vision on how our product should work.

I was in Sales at an Equity Fund

Founding BUA FIT allows me to do what I love. Being an entrepreneur allows me to help others while holding myself fully accountable for when things go wrong.

I was an Interior Architect

Now I’m the co-founder of Classtap, a fitness & lifestyle startup for people like me who get bored of the same old classes and want access to more.

I was a serving Army Officer

After starting Tespack I have met 3 presidents and talented CEOs and CTOs, talked with ministers, ambassadors and been to more than 63 countries.

I used to be a Pharmacist

I needed to have more flexible working hours to take care of my kids so now I'm a Freelance English Tutor while pursuing my modelling career.

I was a Customer Success Manager

For me, the absolute best thing about being an entrepreneur is that I control my work. It’s so much better than having my schedule at the whim of someone else.

I worked in Corporate Finance

Now I’m running one of Europe's leading Insurtech ventures called LAKA specifically supporting the new future of mobility, covering bikes, e-bikes and more.

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I was a translation Editor

When faced with bankruptcy, I asked myself: "When your currency appreciates double in value, where are the opportunities?" The answer was, "imports." This started my journey.

I've done things a bit back-to-front

I had my first startup business at 19. At 32 I started an MBA at Imperial College and that's where I discovered Venture Capital. Now I help lots of people with their startups.

I was an Ops Director at a global logistics firm

Now I drive innovation at the intersection of startups and corporates. I launched Startupbootcamp to accelerate startups around the world.

I was a Corporate Banker

I got so disillusioned with using all my energy for unknown shareholders, as well as my poor contribution to changing my country and society, that I cofounded a Neobank called Vexi.

I worked in corporate finance

The experience I gained as a start-up founder has equipped me with new skills and a real “can-do” attitude that helps me every day in my current role.

I used to work at a bank

I used to work in innovation in a Nordic bank, Now I'm a co-founder of Heap - the flexible & sustainable pension alternative for freelancers & self-employed.

I was a BD Team Leader

The best thing about having a freelance business is that it allows me to work with lots of different nationalities and mindsets.

I once was a Sales Manager

I was responsible for  £1million+ sales, took a career break and raised 2 children for 13 years. Now I've co-founded an online market place for professional bakers. I couldn't be happier.

I'm a researcher

I am the CEO of HiQ-Nano and inventor of iBlue, the first antioxidant test kit. I am really passionate about science and his “sister” innovation. I'm using science to change the world.

I was a Head of Strategic Planning

I co-founded MPost, to save people the hassle of walking to the post office to check their mail and the frustration of finding out about important letters too late.

I was a Marketing & PR Manager

Now I own a marketing agency with my partners after deciding I have what it takes and the experience and knowledge to do it.

I was a professional football player

I combined my love of sports tech and my experience as a professional football player, now I'm the Founder and CEO of Sponix Tech.

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I was the CIO of Panalpina

Throughout my professional and personal life, I have always had a drive to build, and if not, improve whatever I was involved in through smart use of technology

I was a journalist

 The media industry was dying because it was being out-innovated by aggressive rivals Facebook and Google. Now I'm the founder and CEO of the largest news video aggregator in the world.

I worked in venture capital

I was in a male-dominated industry and felt frustrated at the lack of opportunities for growth. 


I was a government officer

I decided to start my own business after being laid off. I just knew one thing: I loved my job and I wanted to continue doing it for a very long time

I wanted to pursue dreams in my own way

I wanted to make sure I could put all of my efforts without wasting them because of the burocratics and politics that normally blocks companies from their potential of growth.

I was burning out from working for someone

Launching a business unexpectedly helped me find my voice and for the first time in my adult life I feel like I’m living on my own terms.